SalesMail for Recruiting - Use Cases, Call To Actions, and Example Videos

SalesMail for Recruiting - Use Cases, Call To Actions, and Example Videos

Staffing and recruiting are major pain points for many organizations.   SalesMail can be used throughout the recruiting and hiring process to promote opportunities, showcase the organization, help build connections with potential employees, and keep the process moving.  Here are example use cases, custom Call To Action (CTA) buttons, and example SalesMail videos for recruiting.

The Basics
While there are numerous use cases for SalesMail in recruiting, here are a few of the basic message types you might consider recording.  Keep in mind that some of these can be recorded as a generic video that can be used over and over again (watch this video on how to make a generic message feel personal).
  1. Video job posting - Have the hiring manager or HR record a SalesMail video about an open position and post it on social media.  The CTA button can link to where people can apply.
  2. Thank you for applying - Thank the candidate for applying and share information on next steps and timeline.  Use the CTA button to direct them to screening questions, employee testimonials, videos about the company, culture, benefits, etc.  
  3. Invitation to interview - In addition to calling a candidate to schedule an interview, video is great way to show enthusiasm about the candidate coming into interview.  The CTA button can be used to link to a calendaring app such as Calendly, so they can easily book a time.
  4. Interview/Appointment reminder - How do you make sure a candidate shows up for their interview?  You send a quick video to remind your candidate of their interview date/time and to make them feel more comfortable, familiar, excited, and connected.  
  5. Kudos after hire - Provide your new hire with confirmation that they made a great decision to join the team and show them that they are welcome and valued.

Recruiting SalesMail Video Examples - Here are some real world SalesMail examples for inspiration:

Custom Call To Action (CTA) button - Set up a custom CTA button and choose the text on the button and the link it takes your recipient to if they click it.  This button shows up directly beneath your SalesMail video and can be linked to link to online forms, videos, website, etc.  Here are some examples:

  • “Review our benefits package”
  • “Schedule your interview”
  • “Watch an employee testimonial”
  • “Hear from our founder”
  • “Read our values”
  • “Apply here”

Additional SalesMail Recruiting Use Cases

  • Promote hiring events
  • Showcase culture
  • Employee testimonials 
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Digital office tour
  • Showcase/Highlight individual employees
  • Congrats on offer acceptance
  • Reinforce new hire's decision with a video after they start
  • Highlight diversity in workplace
  • Mission Statement
  • Explain how the community/organization is making a difference (charity, positive impacts, etc.)
  • Highlight work/life balance
  • Highlight benefits



How to Share
  • Share SalesMail videos about job opportunities, recruiting events, etc. on business and/or personal social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to get exposure.
  • Include SalesMail videos in autoresponder emails when someone applies or requests information on your website. 
  • Send personalized SalesMail videos to individual candidates via text, email, and/or social posts/messages.

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