SalesMail Use Cases for Senior Living

SalesMail Use Cases for Senior Living

There are many great use cases for SalesMail videos in senior living. Be inspired by checking out this SalesMail Example Video Portfolio of real SalesMail videos our clients have recorded and used.  

Additionally, here is a list of common SalesMail use cases, many of which can be found in the portfolio above.

Put a Face to the Name:  Record a message for inquiries, referral partners, etc. to "put a face to the name" and either begin or deepen the human connection you have with that person.  

Pre-Tour Reminder:  Record a personal message to remind them of the tour, that you are looking forward to it, and let them know about any protocol or restrictions they might want to be aware of before their visit.  This can help the person feel more comfortable prior to a face-to-face tour by letting them know what to expect and making it so that they recognize you as soon as they walk in the door.  

Post-Tour Follow-up & Amenities:  Record a message to thank them and perhaps share amenities or other aspects of the community that you think they will really love based on what you learned about the prospective resident and/or his or her family during the tour.  

Apartment of Choice Tour:  Record a message and brief virtual tour to show a specific unit that, based on what they are looking for and what you have learned about them, would be a really great fit.

Virtual Tour:  Record a personalized introduction, then use the flip camera feature to record a quick virtual tour.

Family Member News:  Executive Directors and others can share important news with family members such as health and safety updates (e.g. vaccine updates), publicize on-site activities, etc. 

Auto-Response:  Include a SalesMail video in the auto-response for web leads to humanize the experience right from the beginning.

Referral Source Outreach:  Deepen relationships with referral sources by sharing updates, thank you messages, invites,  etc.  (click for more on this topic)

Sales Leadership: Record quick updates, recognition, and/or motivational messages for your team.  

Executive Directors/HR:  Disseminate corporate directives, employee surveys, etc. with employees.

Holiday/Birthday: Greetings for prospects, workers, referral partners, family members, etc.