Achievements: SalesMail Leaderboard

Achievements: SalesMail Leaderboard

We are excited to announce the launch of the SalesMail Leaderboard. This innovative feature is designed to show how you stack up against your peers within your organization and across the entire SalesMail platform. Whether you're focused on achieving the top score, garnering the most views, or creating the highest number of new videos, the SalesMail Leaderboard offers a fun, motivating, and insightful way to measure your performance.

How the SalesMail Leaderboard Works

The SalesMail Leaderboard ranks users based on three key metrics based on the past 90 days:

  • Top Score*: Tracks a calculated Total Engagement Score based on new videos created (3 points each) + shares (2 points each) + views (4 points each) + CTA clicks (2 points each) + emoji reactions (2 points each) + comments (1 point each). 
  • Top Views*: Tracks the total number of views across all your SalesMail videos.
  • Top Videos*: Tracks the number of new videos recorded.
* A minimum score of 5 is required to get on the leaderboard.

Accessing the Leaderboard

To access the SalesMail Leaderboard, go to the Dashboard in your SalesMail mobile app or log into the SalesMail Portal and navigate to the Leaderboard section in the SalesMail dashboard. Here, you'll find separate tabs for My Org* and Global and a drop down to choose from Top Score, Top Views, or Top Videos.  

Organization vs. Global Rankings

The Leaderboard is divided into two main segments:

  1. Global: Discover where you stand in comparison to everyone on the entire SalesMail platform.  If you are not in the top ten but have recorded and/or sent SalesMail videos within the past 90 days, your current rank number will be displayed at the bottom of the list so you can see how far you need to move to get into the top 10.

  2. My Org*: See how you compare to your colleagues. This view fosters a healthy competitive environment and encourages team members to learn from the top performers across their organization.  
*The My Org leaderboard is only available for clients who have at least three users who meet the criteria for the leaderboard (minimum score of 5).  If you can see the Global leaderboard on your dashboard but not the My Org leaderboard, make sure you have recorded and/or shared SalesMail videos in the past 90 days and encourage team members to use SalesMail!  Once at least three members have at least 5 points, your My Org leaderboard will appear.   

Tips for Climbing the Leaderboard

Here are some tips to help you climb the rankings:

  • Focus on Quality Content: Engaging, informative, and personalized video content is more likely to capture your audience's attention, get views, and drive interactions.
  • Be Consistent: Regularly creating and sending SalesMail videos keeps you top of mind with your prospects and customers, boosting your views and engagement scores.
  • Automate: Add SalesMail videos to autoresponders and campaigns to watch your stats grow.
  • Reuse Favorites: Build and use a library of generic, but personal-feeling videos and use them over and over again to save time and make an impact.


Q: How often is the Leaderboard updated?

A: The SalesMail Leaderboard is updated every time you load/refresh your dashboard and it based on the past 90 days.

Q: Can I see who else is on the Leaderboard?

A: Yes, the Leaderboard displays the names and rankings of the top performers. For privacy reasons, Global rankings are limited to first name and city/state.

Q: Is participation in the Leaderboard mandatory?

A: Participation is automatic for all SalesMail users, but you or your organization can choose to opt out of Achievements which will hide features such as the Leaderboard and SalesMail Rank Panel.

The SalesMail Leaderboard is more than just a ranking system; it's a fun tool to inspire, motivate, and guide you towards achieving your goals! By understanding where you stand and striving for continuous improvement, you can leverage the power of SalesMail to its fullest potential.

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