SalesMail Certification Study Guide

SalesMail Certification Study Guide

About SalesMail Certification

SalesMail Certification confirms you are  able to record and send SalesMail video messages and that you understand the basic functionality and important elements for success.  If you recently attended a live SalesMail training session, you should have learned everything you need in order to pass certification.  If it has been a while since you were trained, if you haven't kept up on the latest features, or you just feel you need to refresh your memory, this guide will help you brush up on SalesMail and prepare for the certification test.  When you are done studying, you can find the test here:  If you have trouble and do not get a passing score the first time, don't worry.  You can retake the test as many times as you need to.

Recording a SalesMail

The first few seconds of the video are used to create the animated preview that is shared with your recipient.  Putting your recipient's name on a whiteboard, letterboard, paper, etc. and showing it within those first few seconds is one of the most powerful ways to make sure your recipient views the video (Hint:  This also makes it easy to identify videos in your video library since you can see the name in the video thumbnail).  Other ways to capture attention in the animated preview are to show movement (e.g. wave your hand), show your face (smile, when appropriate), have an interesting background, show a prop, record with more than one person and have both/all of you in the preview, etc. 

Remember to keep your video to about a minute or less, when possible, to keep the attention of your viewer.  Occasionally longer messages are appropriate, and can be up to three minutes.


Videos that you want to reuse over time can be saved as favorites and easily found on the Favorites screen.  To save a video as a favorite, find the video on the Results screen, click to the right of it to get to the details, and click the 'Favorite' button.  Give your favorite video a descriptive name and hit Save.  You can now find this video on the 'Favorites' screen.  From there, you can click the small green menu button to the bottom right of the video and then click 'Share'. 

Sharing a Video

When sharing a video via email, an animated preview gif file is copied and then pasted into the email body.  On some email applications, it may not automatically paste.  If you do not see your animated preview in the body of the email, long press (or right-click) in the body of the email and paste.  Before you send the email, always make sure the animated preview is showing up in the email, edit/customize your subject line, and drop a note above your video to encourage your recipient to watch the video.  

Custom Call To Action (CTA) Button

SalesMail Call To Action (CTA) Buttons are a great new way to make your SalesMail videos drive your recipients to take ACTION!  You can now set up CTA buttons for each SalesMail video you choose.  These buttons are customizable to exactly what text you want displayed on the button, and which URL it sends your recipient to when they click it!  You can set these buttons up to have recipients schedule a tour, visit a website or social media site, view a video, etc.  Find out how to add them here.  

Checking Recipient Engagement 

Go to the Results screen to see your recorded videos and stats on the engagement you received.  Press to the right of any video to view details on all engagement such as:
  1. opens
  4. social reactions (likes, loves, etc.)
  5. Call To Action (CTA) button clicks
  6. Note:  Although they aren't tracked and reported, other ways your recipient can engage with your SalesMail video are to click your logo to visit your website, download your contact info, or click the 'Email me' link to send an email to you.
Opens vs. Views - Please note that it is much more important to track views than opens.  A view means that someone clicked and watched your video.  Views are a very reliable measurement, while opens are less reliable and can be triggered and/or blocked by firewalls, bots, filters, etc.

Desktop Version of SalesMail

There is a desktop version of SalesMail that you can use from your Google Chrome browser on your computer.  It can be found at  Many users like to record their videos using SalesMail on a cell phone and then send them from the SalesMail desktop portal where it is easier to type, access email contacts/lists, etc.  How-To videos about the desktop portal can be found here.  

Getting Help

Our goal is for you to get the best results from SalesMail possible.  If you need help, please reach out!  Here are several ways to get help, depending on your preference:
  1. Call your Client Success Specialist
  2. Send an email to . This automatically sends an email to your dedicated Client Success Specialist and creates a support ticket so that we can track our work.  It is also helpful in that if your Client Success Specialist is out of the office or on a long training session, another team member can jump in and help.
  3. Visit the HeartLegacy Help Center at for help articles, how-to videos, tips and tricks, etc.
  4. Call 833-SLS-MAIL

Final Step in Certification - Record and Send a Video

The final, and most important step in obtaining your SalesMail certification is to record and send a SalesMail video to .  Once you pass the certification test with a score of 70% or higher AND send us a Salesmail video with the subject line, "Certification", we will be in touch with you within two business days to send your certification information.  

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