SalesMail Portal: How to upload video files into your SalesMail account

SalesMail Portal: How to upload video files into your SalesMail account

Do you have a video file that was recorded or edited outside of SalesMail that you want to share and track using SalesMail?  Videos up to 6 minutes in duration and in .mp4 or .mov format can be uploaded using the SalesMail Desktop Portal or the SalesMail mobile app.  Here's how:

To upload a video from your computer into SalesMail using the SalesMail Desktop Portal:

1.  Open the SalesMail Portal  from a web browser on your phone and log in (same username and password as your SalesMail mobile app).  
2.  Tap the menu (3 lines) in the upper left and select 'Record'.  If prompted, you can allow or ignore requests for permission to your microphone and camera.
3.  Tap the 'Upload a Video' button.  Note: We recommend being somewhere with good wi-fi connectivity when uploading videos. 
4.  Choose 'Photo Library' and select the video you want to upload. (instructions might be slightly different on your device)
5.  Hit 'Done' and it will bring you back to the SalesMail Record screen.  Hit the 'Save' button to upload your video.  
6. This video will now be available in your SalesMail mobile app or portal for sharing as a SalesMail. 

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