CTA Library stores your Call To Action buttons for easy access

CTA Library stores your Call To Action buttons for easy access

If you aren't familiar with SalesMail Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, start here.  

The CTA Library in the SalesMail Desktop Portal is a place to store frequently used CTA button templates so that you can easily choose from them when you you want to add a CTA button to a SalesMail video.  Any button templates you save in this library are available for you to quickly add to a SalesMail video from the share page in the SalesMail Desktop Portal and now in the SalesMail mobile app (be sure you are on the latest version of the SalesMail app to add this feature).  This article walks through how to use the CTA Library and how to add CTA buttons from the CTA Library to your videos (or you can watch the video about it here).

Here is what the CTA Library looks like:

To add a new CTA button template to the CTA Library, click the plus sign button at the upper right of the CTA Library page. 

Then fill out the form to add your CTA Display text and CTA URL that the button will link to and hit save.  

CTA button templates can be edited or deleted by using the icons indicated below:

Please note that any changes you make to the button templates in your CTA Library do not impact the actual CTA buttons that are already saved on your SalesMail videos.  If you need to make changes to a CTA button on one of your videos, you must go to the 'My Results' menu option on the left of the SalesMail Desktop Portal and click the green envelope next to the video for which you want to modify the CTA.  This will take you to the Share Options page where you can modify the CTA button for that video.


Once you have populated your CTA Library with button templates, they are ready to use when you share SalesMail videos using SalesMail.  

If you need inspiration on the types of use cases for CTA buttons, click here.