Sharing SalesMail Videos on Social

Sharing SalesMail Videos on Social

SalesMail videos can easily be shared on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.  Here are examples of SalesMail video topics you can record and post on social:

  1. Promote an upcoming event
  2. Invite people to visit your community/business
  3. Talk about an open position, what it is like to work there, etc.
  4. Encourage people to leave a review.  Don't forget to link your custom CTA (Call To Action) button to a review site!
  5. Share an awesome story, special amenity/program, or highlight a resident/client or staff member.
  6. Share a staff member testimonial to show the world why people love to work there.
  7. Share a testimonial
  8. Have a fun contest and ask people to comment on your SalesMail with the answer to a riddle or trivia question and award the first person with the correct answer.

Five ways to create a great SalesMail for social:

1. Ensure proper lighting 
Pro tip: Face a window or use a ring light when recording your video

2. Have a clean or fun background
Pro tip: be intentional with what's behind you when recording

3. Prioritize clear audio
Pro tip: limit background noise and speak clearly  

4. Have a compelling featured image
Pro tip: this image is automatically generated from the first three seconds of your SalesMail

5. Write some great social post copy 
Pro tip: summarize your video, ask people to click to watch your video, ask for engagement, and use hashtags

How to Share a SalesMail on LinkedIn or Facebook

To share a SalesMail video on social using the SalesMail Desktop Portal:
  1. Log into the SalesMail Desktop Portal:
  2. Go to 'My Results' using the menu on the left.
  3. Click the green envelope next to the video you want to share.
  4. Edit/Create your custom CTA (Call To Action) button if you want to include one.
  5. Click 'Share via Social' to copy your SalesMail URL to your clipboard.
  6. Navigate and log in to the social site you want to post on.  Create a draft post and press CTRL-V or right click and select 'Paste' to paste your SalesMail video into the post.  
  7. Add your social copy (following the suggestions above) and follow any remaining prompts in the social app to share your post.  

To share a SalesMail on social using your mobile app:
  1. Log into your SalesMail app on your device.
  2. Go to Results screen and click to the left of the video you want to share.
  3. Click the 'Share' button.
  4. Edit/Create your custom CTA (Call To Action) button if you want to include one.
  5. Click the social app you want to share it on.  If you don't see LinkedIn or Facebook, click the dot-dot-dot "More Apps" button to see more available apps (you will need to have LinkedIn or Facebook installed on your phone) and choose the one you want to use.
  6. A draft post will open up including your SalesMail link. 
    1. For LinkedIn, it will give you the option to 'Share in a post' or 'Send as a private message'.  Choose 'Share in a post'.  Then add your social copy (following the suggestions above) and then share!
    2. For Facebook, it will open a draft message with your SalesMail video (it will be hard to see, but it will be there).  Add your social copy (following the suggestions above) and hit next.  Make sure 'Feed' is selected, and hit the Share button.

We are here to help!  
If you have questions or need help, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Client Success Specialist or email us at so we can provide assistance!   

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