How to upload content for edited videos (Hightail)

How to upload content for edited videos (Hightail)

Using our HeartLegacy Hightail link is an easy way to send content to HeartLegacy for your professionally edited videos!  Simply capture photos and videos on your phone, and then use the web browser on your phone to upload them to our HeartLegacy Hightail space.  Please follow these important instructions:

1. After taking your photos and footage using your phone/device, open the HeartLegacy Hightail Space by tapping the Hightail icon you saved on your phone's home screen (follow the instructions here if you haven't set it up yet).  Alternatively, you may use your phone's camera to scan the QR code below or use a web browser on that phone to navigate to

Note: Please do not download a Hightail mobile app and do not create your own Hightail user account. 

2.  Press the red 'My Computer' button and then browse your phone/device to select and add files.  

3.  After adding all of the files you wish to send, enter your name (so we know who the files came from), email address, and in the 'Message' field be sure to include your community name and any notes that will help our video editors. 


4.  Press the 'Upload' button at the bottom when you are ready to send everything.  The files will upload and you will receive an email confirmation from that your files have been delivered to HeartLegacy.

Note: Please do not download a Hightail app and do not set up your own Hightail account.  Doing so may make it more difficult to upload content to HeartLegacy's Hightail space.  If you have already purposefully or accidentally set up your own Hightail account and/or logged into a Hightail mobile app, please see this article for help in uploading content to Heartlegacy:  

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