Stay Top of Mind and Increase Referrals with SalesMail

Stay Top of Mind and Increase Referrals with SalesMail

Check out this quick video on how to stay top of mind with your referral partners/sources and get more referrals!  Also, scroll down below the video for a list of video ideas/topics to send to referral partners.

Gifting - Record a video to let your referral partner know you'll be stopping by with a gift (show your face in the video and maybe even a sneak peek at the gift) so they can anticipate your arrival and hopefully get to see you when you stop by.  Or you can record the video while you are on the way or as you are dropping off goodies at your referral partner's location; videos recorded at their location (e.g. out in front of their sign) are hard not to click on and watch!

Games – Record a video of a prize drawing, a trivia question (comment with your answer, first correct answer wins), or come up with some other creative "game" you can send to keep things fun for your referral partners and make them remember you and your community/facility.

Invitation– Record an invitation for your referral partner to come by for lunch, take a tour, attend a presentation or event, etc.

Educational – E.g. Explain why it is important to start educating patients and family members early about the benefits of assisted living, or give tips to avoid falls, etc.

Birthday/Holiday - Send birthday or holiday greetings; video messages are a fun surprise for your recipient!

Thank you - Send a thank you message for a referral!  Make your partner feel good about their decision to refer someone to your community/facility!  

Get Creative - There is no limit to the types of message you can send to engage with your referral partners and stay top of mind.  Get creative and come up with your own video message ideas!

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