Record a library of video assets to use over and over!

Record a library of video assets to use over and over!

A new SalesMail message is waiting for you!
Using pre-recorded SalesMail video favorites is smart and effective way to work!  Supplement your personalized one-to-one messages by building a library of the following types of videos that you can use over and over again when you need them.  Be sure to check out our tips below on how to record a generic video that feels personal.  

Reusable Video Ideas

  1. Initial inquiry response (share something special and memorable about your community in a quick video embedded in your auto-responder)
  2. Apartment/model tours (build a library of specific model and apartment tours)
  3. Amenity/feature videos 
  4. Cold lead outreach
  5. Testimonials 
  6. Invitation to visit, tour, meet
  7. A "Get to know me" video included in your email signature (here's how to set it up).
  8. Answers to frequently asked questions
  9. Where to park
  10. Maintenance how-to
  11. Upcoming lease renewal
  12. Move-in instructions
  13. Recruiting – Invitation to Apply
  14. Recruiting – Confirming interview
  15. HR - Welcome aboard
  16. HR – What to expect from orientation day
  17. Marketing - Lead nurturing
  18. Marketing - Auto -responders

Recording Tips to Make a Generic Video Feel Personal

1.  Look straight into camera when recording.

2.  Do not read from a script!  You can't look at the camera and make a video feel casual and personal if you are reading from a script or repeating some memorized message.  Think of it more like recording a video voicemail where you are just talking to someone.  It doesn't have to be perfect and small mistakes actually make the video feel more genuine and relatable.  

3.  Pretend like you are talking to one person.  It even helps to imagine a particular person you are talking to while you record!  

4.  Use the word, "you"
  1.  "It has been so long since I've seen you!"
  2. "I wanted to check in and see how you are doing".
  3. "When I found out we had this special, I thought of you immediately."
3.  Smile and be friendly!  The most engaging and seemingly personal videos (even when they are generic) are when the person recording the video is friendly and energetic, like they just ran into someone they care about who they haven't seen in a long time. 

How To Save a Video As a Favorite

  1. In the mobile app, click 'Results', scroll to the video, click the stats to the right of the video, then click 'Favorite'.  Give it a descriptive name such as the apartment number, "Cold lead outreach", "Email signature", "Beauty Salon", etc.
  2. On the desktop app, click 'My Results' on the left, click the star in the 'Favorite' column next to your video to save it as a favorite, and hit the pencil icon in the 'Name' column to name the video.  
Once you have saved a favorite, it is easy to get to and share any time you need it!

How to Share a Favorite

  1. In the mobile app, click 'Favorites', click the small green square with three white lines to the bottom right of the video you want to share, then click 'Share' button and share as usual.
  2. On the desktop portal, click 'My Results', use the switch at the top to select 'Favorites only', click the green envelope next to the favorite video you want to share and share as usual.
Want to learn more?  Check out this SalesMail blog post:  Evergreen Your Videos: Creating Videos You Can Use Again and Again

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