SalesMail QR Pro - Unlimited, editable, trackable QR codes for videos, URLs, and more!

SalesMail QR Pro - Unlimited, editable, trackable QR codes for videos, URLs, and more!

QR Pro gives you unlimited editable QR codes that can point to a SalesMail video or any URL of your choice, easy design customization, scan analytics, and so much more!

Use QR codes to put your videos in new places such as marketing collateral, vehicle decals, signs, posters, etc.; not only does the person who scans them get to watch your SalesMail video, it is also super convenient for them to then tap to call you, save your contact info on their phone, follow a call to action button, or visit your website - without having to type a phone number or URL!  QR codes you set up to point to a SalesMail video or a URL are dynamic.  That means that at any time in the future you can change which video or URL they point to without having to reprint your QR code materials.  

There are so many ways to use these codes to improve sales and marketing, operations, HR/recruiting, resident engagement, and more; check out our Senior Living QR Code Guide for some awesome ideas.  Ready to set up a QR code?  Watch this video: How to create a QR code in QR Pro (5 min.)

Your NEW QR Pro features include:

Custom QR Designs – Shapes, colors, and gradients, galore! 🤩

Easy Video Selection – Easily choose a SalesMail video from your library to link to. Admin/corporate SalesMailers can also link to team members’ videos.

Unlimited, Editable Dynamic QR codes – Dynamic QR codes launch a SalesMail video or URL of your choice and can easily be updated to point to a new video or URL at any time (no need to reprint codes). 

Unlimited Static QR codes – Static QR codes can pull up a draft text message (e.g. opt-in message) or email on the scanner’s phone.   

Unlimited Scans – There is no limit to how many times your codes can be scanned.    

Scan Analytics – Use QR Pro to see how many times each of your dynamic QR codes have been scanned. 

QR Code Library – Your codes can be given friendly names to make them easy to track and manage.

Check out these additional resources to get started:

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