Upload .mp4 or .mov videos into your account to share via SalesMail

Upload .mp4 or .mov videos into your account to share via SalesMail

The SalesMail Desktop Portal (https://portal.mysalesmail.com) now allows the upload of .mp4 or .mov video files up to 6 minutes in duration, so that they can be shared via SalesMail to take advantage of SalesMail's features such as:
  1. Branding including logo that links to website
  2. Call to Action (CTA) button
  3. Closed captions and transcription
  4. Download contact card
  5. Emoji reactions
  7. View and comment push notifications
  8. Geotracking
  9. Analytics/Reporting
  10. CRM Integration
  11. Mp4s and .mov videos that are uploaded do not have the same 3 minute time limit as a videos recorded in SalesMail.  They can be up to 6 minutes long.

Ideas for how to use this feature

Corporate Videos - Marketing and sales leaders can record video content that they want team members to be able to use, and team members can upload those videos into their own SalesMail accounts to share.  For example, the organization may want all team members to be able to share a corporate video about a particular program or corporate message.

Cloned SalesMail Videos - Users can download a copy of a SalesMail video they have already recorded and then upload a new instance of that video.  This is helpful when you want to reuse a particular video but want to maintain separate analytics and tracking.  

Marketing Videos - Users can upload marketing videos into their account to share via SalesMail.  

How to upload a .mp4 or .mov video to your SalesMail account

1. Log into the SalesMail Desktop Portal at https://portal.mysalesmail.com.  
2. Click the 'Record' menu item on the left.
3. Hit the 'Upload Video' button (circled in blue, below).

4. Browse for and select your video   
5. Hit Save and the video will be saved to your video library and can be accessed from the 'My Results' menu item in the portal, and also available in your mobile SalesMail app.

How to download a SalesMail video

1. Log into the SalesMail Desktop Portal at https://portal.mysalesmail.com.  
2. Navigate to either 'My Results' or 'Team Results' in the left hand menu and then click the video thumbnail (circled below) of the video you want to download.

3. Click the dot dot dot menu at the bottom left of the video preview (circled below).  This example is using Google Chrome browser and other browser might have a slightly different menu.

4. Select 'Download' from the menu that pops up.
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