SalesMail Certification program details

SalesMail Certification program details

We are happy to offer the SalesMail Certification program for our awesome SalesMail users!  This program was set up to recognize the achievements of SalesMail users - both old and new.  Earners of either of these certifications will receive digital badges and be able to share their certification results on their LinkedIn Profile, social media sites, email signature, etc.  Here is everything you need to know to get started:

      SalesMail Certified (Level 1)

Your first step is to become SalesMail Certified.  This certification recognizes users who have learned the fundamentals of SalesMail and have demonstrated their ability to record and send video messages.  There is a quick online test (~5 minutes) to pass with a grade of 70% of higher.  Don't worry - the test is not difficult.  You can retake it as many times as needed and everything you need to know is covered in our SalesMail training sessions and in the SalesMail Certification Study Guide.   After you pass the test (results will be available to you immediately) you will be asked to send a sample SalesMail video to with the subject line, "Certification", to complete the process. If you passed the test and sent your sample video, you will hear back from us with your digital badge and certification status within 1-4 business days! 

Take the SalesMail Certification test here: 

  SalesMail Expert (Level 2)

The SalesMail Expert certification recognizes video messaging experts who successfully earned the SalesMail Certified (Level 1) status above - AND - who record videos regularly and received an average of at least ten views per month for the past three months.   To check your average views, select 'Past 90 Days' in the SalesMail Results section of the Dashboard in your SalesMail mobile app.   If you have at least 30 views and already obtained your SalesMail Certified (Level 1) status, contact your Client Success Specialist or send an email to to apply for SalesMail Expert certification (put "SalesMail Expert Certification" as the subject line).  We will verify your eligibility and issue your digital badge and certification status within 1-4 business days of your application. 

If you have questions about the certification program that were not covered in this article, please reach out to your Client Success Specialist or email us at .
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