Marketing Videos - Voiceover adds variety and depth to your video portfolio!

Marketing Videos - Voiceover adds variety and depth to your video portfolio!

Adding voiceover to your marketing videos adds variety and depth to your video portfolio and helps tell your story and educate viewers.  Voiceover can deliver personal stories, describe an experience, educate, and give additional context. In this article, we share some example voiceover videos for inspiration, as well as recording guidelines to help you get started.  Watch the videos below to get inspired!

Stories from Family Members or Residents

In this video,  a family member wrote a script and recorded himself reading it into his phone. It is a longform story about his mother’s journey to senior living. He provided family photos and photos of his mother at the community after moving in. His story is relatable and encouraging to other adult children who are beginning their journey to finding the best care and home for their loved one.  

In the following video, the first half features a family member talking about the adult day care program at Avita of Wells and the personal benefits.  The second half features staff members talking about various elements of the the program.  Incorporating the family's voice provides a  perspective that’s key to convincing others to join a community and the staff member interviews help make the viewer feel more knowledgeable about the program and comfortable seeing and hearing from the staff members who will care for their loved one.    

Informative Videos (e.g. Move-In Essentials)

This informative video narrates what to expect during move-in.  This helpful video puts the minds and hearts of new residents and family members at ease.

Events and Programs - Adding context and depth

This video shares a story about Employee Appreciation Day and employee culture in a way that can't be achieved without voiceover. 

Recording Guidelines for Voiceover Videos

Use a microphone, if possible. If you have a USB microphone already for Zoom calls, that’s going to be the best device to capture your voice and a free program like QuickTime or Audacity to export it as an mp3 to send to us. If you don’t have that, maybe you have a lapel mic that plugs into a headphone jack on your phone, those can work. Most people will just have their smartphones, and that will work as well.

Write a script. Voiceover shouldn’t present in the same way that a casual interview does. Aside from podcasts, voice messaging in marketing is read from a tight script and shouldn’t sound improvised. Once recorded, include this script in your project material that you send to us so that we can follow it. 

Record in a small, quiet room. If you have an office, go there. Shut the door, turn off the sound from all devices (phone, computer, fans, land line, walkie talkie), put the phone on your desk, and read calmly from your script. Be sure to speak clearly and not to bump the recording device during your recording.

Minimize noise during the recording. Other than keeping the room quiet from the noise others create, be sure to not be turning a page, clicking a mouse, shifting your weight in your chair, or other things that you can do during a pause. We can edit out these things, but if they’re happening during your speaking parts, we cannot avoid them staying in the video. If this happens, it’s ok, just do another take of that line, you don’t even need to stop recording.

Provide b-roll. If your script is going to get specific, give us the content we’re meant to show and where we’re meant to show it.  In other words, if you talk about the swimming pool, send photos and/or video of the swimming pool.  If it doesn’t matter, give us enough to work with, and we’ll make it look good.

If you need assistance or want to discuss plans for a new voiceover video, reach out to your Client Success Specialist.
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