Leaders: 10 Tips to Supercharge SalesMail Results in Your Organization

Leaders: 10 Tips to Supercharge SalesMail Results in Your Organization

Let’s face it; sometimes our teams need a little extra motivation to stay on their "A" game when it comes to video for business. Clients tell us that it is no coincidence that their salespeople with the highest SalesMail usage (usually at least 8 videos per month) also achieve the highest occupancy rates.  That is because SalesMail WORKS.  Stats also show that use of video increases Move-In Conversion rates by 200%! Ready to see better business outcomes through video?  Here are 10 ways to supercharge SalesMail usage in your organization.


  1. Assign a SalesMail Champion
    While your Client Success Specialists will do everything in their power to enable success for your organization, there is nothing like having an internal SalesMail Champion within your organization to partner with us to drive adoption, effectiveness, accountability, and RESULTS.  Hopefully that is YOU.  But if your organization does not yet have one, please empower one of your employees to be your SalesMail Champion.  This person can run and share reports, encourage others to utilize the product, help administer contests, etc.  Usually this someone who leads the sales organization, but sometimes an employee who has been very successful with their SalesMail usage steps in to fulfill this role.

  2. Monitor SalesMail Stats and Send Weekly "Shout Outs"
    “What Gets Measured, Gets Improved” – Measure and share SalesMail usage with the team.  Making this information visible shows employees that it matters and motivates them to improve their measurements. Log into the SalesMail Portal with your admin account (contact your Client Success Specialist if you need help) and run a User Usage Report each month.  The report can be sorted and filtered, but you can also export it to excel if you want to do any fancy data analysis. 

    Send out weekly "shout outs" (sent via SalesMail, of course) to recognize users who have high views and/or a high number of videos recorded!  Giving a story about a SalesMail win such as a move-in or deposit is also extremely effective in motivating other team members.  These shout out videos should go to all communities so that all users see the success and recognition of the top users and feel inspired to increase usage.  Challenge those on the bottom of the list to send at least 8 videos per month!  Some organizations even require a certain number of videos to be completed to meet bonus requirements.

3.      Lead by Example Throughout Your Organization
CEOs, HR, National or Regional Sales Directors, Executive Directors, Marketing, and other leaders in your organization should lead by example and use SalesMail.  SalesMail is a great way to send out messages to the team to recognize a community or team member for exceptional work/accomplishments, to send brief news updates to the organization, to share news with family members, to send out a quick motivational message, or even to share holiday/birthday/get well messages.  Not only will your leaders and their recipients benefit from their use of SalesMail as a communication medium, when employees see leaders using SalesMail, they are more likely to try it themselves and to get creative with how they use it.  

4.      Re-Energize With a Contest 
By nature, most salespeople are competitive and love a good contest!  Re-energize your team with a contest that is easy to run and measure.  One example is to enter all users who record at least 8 videos during a month long contest period into a drawing for a prize.  We find that money always talks, but prizes of PTO, extended lunch, or even a pizza party for the winning community can be an effective motivator. Tailor your contest structure and prize based on your organization's culture.  We also recommend making sure your team knows the best use cases to focus on when recording their videos, which brings us to our next tip - share SalesMail Examples and Testimonials.

5.     Share SalesMail Examples and Testimonials
 For users who need some ideas on what to record, we suggest these 3 easy points to incorporate SalesMail that can lead users to their ‘Aha!’ moment (some groups mandate/strongly suggest these touchpoints);

                                                    i.     Introduction to new lead/prospect- this is one that I feel everyone should do. Once that initial phone contact is made (especially if a voicemail is left), a SalesMail video follow up to put a face to the name can be a game changer.

                                                   ii.     Before a tour a quick SM to confirm the appointment and let the prospect see whom to expect when they arrive for a tour.

                                                  iii.     After a tour, a quick thanks to round out the tour experience

Note: For users who deal more with referral partners, encourage them to use SalesMail to share events, invitations, news, gifts, holiday/birthday greetings, games, etc. with their referral sources!

SalesMail users who regularly record and send videos see results.  Check out what they have to say for a dose of inspiration here

Need more inspiration?
  Have your users check out the example videos here

6.     Make Sure Users are Trained and Comfortable Recording SalesMail Videos  

      Your enterprise SalesMail contract includes unlimited users and unlimited training.  If your organization experiences staff turnover, we are eager to set up and train your new employees.  Don’t forget to keep your Client Success Specialist in the loop on new hires and make sure we are up to date today with your list of staff members who need access to SalesMail. 

If some team members are hesitating to use SalesMail, it's possible that they might be self-conscious about how they look or sound on video.  For many people, it just takes a little practice and repetition to get more comfortable.  One strategy that has worked for successful organizations is to require the Sales and Marketing folks to send a SalesMail version of their weekly sales report to their Sales leader. Getting some experience with internal videos can make public facing content much easier. 

Aside from getting comfortable through practice/repetition, it helps to look and feel good when recording videos.  In fact, we built a Beauty Filter option into the SalesMail app (available on iPhone, coming soon on Android) which provides a nice smoothing effect to the video for a more polished look!  It is also helpful to optimize one's appearance by recording in good, front-facing lighting.  One of our favorite tools is a ring light (look on Amazon or elsewhere online), which provides excellent lighting and stabilizes the phone during recording.    

      The people receiving and watching the videos we send aren't nearly as critical as we tend to be of ourselves.   Ultimately we have to try not to focus too much on ourselves and our own nerves/looks/etc., and instead focus on the person we are sending the message to.  Remind the team that the person receiving the video needs their help in some way, and to focus on that person's needs and building a relationship with them.  In the end, people are delighted to receive SalesMail videos and once you get over any initial jitters, you can achieve amazing results through personalized, branded video!

7.      Get VIEWS

       When SalesMail videos are sent, it is imperative that those videos get VIEWS and that the content is engaging.  For example, if the recipient's name is included on a dry erase or other type of board in the animated preview (first 3 seconds of the video), it is extremely hard for the recipient to resist clicking to watch the video and find out what was recorded for them!  Make sure your users check out the effective and helpful tips here to Get NOTICED and Increase Your Views!

8.     Have Users Follow SalesMail on Social

We post tips, tricks, contests, and inspiration on our SalesMail social media channels.  Encourage your users to follow SalesMail so they benefit from the inspiration we regularly share on our channels. 

9.      Encourage Users to Get SalesMail Certified

We have a SalesMail certification program for both beginners and experts to verify skills and encourage regular SalesMail usage.  Basic SalesMail Certification is available to all new users who pass a very brief quiz after training and send their first SalesMail video to us.  This helps them get over the hump of recording that first video.  We later recognize users with the advanced SalesMail Expert certification when they are recording regularly and get an average of at least 10 views per month for three months. 

Link to the certification test is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SalesMailCertification

10.  Use the SalesMail Help Center

SalesMail users have 24/7 access to the SalesMail Help Center which has tips, tricks, ideas, help articles, etc.


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