Introducing the NEW RemyGo!

Introducing the NEW RemyGo!

We redesigned RemyGo with simplicity, speed, and convenience in mind.  Now you can take photos and videos with your phone's regular camera app (so that you have copies of that content to use for other purposes) and then use RemyGo to choose which photos and videos you want to upload to HeartLegacy, send notes to our professional video editing team, and experience faster upload speeds!  Another bonus - you don't have to remember any login information for the RemyGo app.  

Be sure to update your RemyGo app in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) to get the latest changes! 

Here is how to use it:

1. Take photos and video footage using your phone's regular camera app.

2. Open RemyGo and hit the big upload arrow to begin.

3. The first time you use the updated RemyGo app, enter your name, work email, and community name.  This tells our video editing team who the content came from.  This information will be saved so you won't need to type it in every time.

4. Add a comment about the content you are about to upload.  This can be a suggested video title, the name of a resident in the video, the type of video such as an event recap, family member testimonial, etc.  If you are submitting a Legacy Message for a specific individual, please include the note: Legacy Video for [Resident Name]

5. Click 'Add Files' and select the photos and videos you want to upload to Heartlegacy.  Once you have selected all of the content, hit 'Done' at the upper right.  If you need to send a large number of photos and videos, we recommend doing it in batches and sending no more than 75 at a time.  

6. Hit the 'Upload' button to upload your files to our video editing team.  

7.  Once files have uploaded, you will see the following confirmation and can click 'Send more files' to send additional content or click 'Done' to exit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of files I can send?  If you are sending a large volume of long/large video clips, we'd suggest sending them in batches of no more than 75 so you don't get stuck waiting a long time for the screen that confirms your files were uploaded.  

Do I have to have a good Wi-Fi or data connection to use RemyGo?  Since you will be using your phone's native camera app to take photos and videos, you can take that footage anywhere even if you have poor or no Wi-Fi or data connection.  When you are ready to upload your selected content via RemyGo, you will need a Wi-Fi or data connection since you will be uploading files.   

Do I need to keep the RemyGo app open while files upload?  Yes.  Keep the RemyGo app open until you see the screen indicating that your files have been uploaded to HeartLegacy.

I can't find the Resident List.  How do I send content for a Legacy Video? If you are submitting a Legacy Message for a specific individual, please include the note: Legacy Video for [Resident Name]

Can I still use Hightail?  Yes, it is your choice.  You can upload content to us through the RemyGo app or through the HeartLegacy Hightail space