Creating a Lead Generation QR Code for Vehicles, Brochures, Direct Mail, etc.

Creating a Lead Generation QR Code for Vehicles, Brochures, Direct Mail, etc.

Imagine prospective residents or family members seeing one of your vehicles, brochures or direct mail pieces and it has a convenient QR code for them to scan.  Once the prospect scans the code they watch a SalesMail video such as a powerful resident testimonial inviting people to come check out the community or a warm introduction from the Executive Director and/or Sales Director about the community's best amenities/characteristics*.  Not only will the prospect remember that warm, memorable video in the SalesMail, but they will also have the convenience to:

  1. tap to instantly call the community  
  2. tap to download contact info to their phone
  3. tap your custom Call To Action button (e.g. inquiry form or a landing page with a current promotion)
  4. tap the community logo to visit the website

*The video shared via SalesMail can be a regular SalesMail video or it can be an edited video uploaded into the SalesMail account using the SalesMail Desktop Portal.  

How to Set it Up

Step 1:  Record a SalesMail video
Record a SalesMail video to introduce prospects to your community.  The goal of the video is to leave viewers with a great impression of you and your community and for your viewer to take some next action.  As part of your recording, be sure to tell the viewer next steps they can take such as:  "You can tap the button below to schedule a tour, click the logo above to visit our website, tap the phone number to call me or tap the contact card to save my contact info on your phone."   We recommend saving this video as a favorite and giving it a name to make it easier to find when you go to set up your QR code.  

Step 2:  Set up a custom Call To Action button
Set up a custom Call To Action (CTA) button on your video that links to something like an inquiry form, a website to schedule a tour/lunch/visit (some people use Calendly accounts for this), etc.  Click here to learn how to add a CTA button to your video.  

Step 3: Create a QR code for your video.  
  1. Log into the SalesMail Desktop Portal at using your work email address and the same password you use for the SalesMail mobile app.
  2. Click 'QR Pro' on the left hand menu.
  3. Click the plus sign in the upper right to create a new QR code.
  4. Give the QR code a name that will make it easy to understand what it is for and then hit 'Next'.  Examples:  "Resident Bus Decal" or "Community Brochure"
  5. On the Select an Action step, look in the table at the bottom to find the video you recorded and click the checkmark to the right of it to select it.  If you don't see it in the list, you can use the sort, filter, and paging options to find it.  If the video is a team member's video and not your own, use the drop down menu in the upper left to select 'Team Videos'.  If you are a corporate user and need to choose a video from another community, select that community from the light green drop down menu in the upper-right.
  6. Once you select a video by clicking the checkmark to the right of it, you will see a video preview and can either choose a different video or click Next to move on to the next step.
  7. It is time to design your QR code!  We provide a simple design by default.  Click 'Save and Download', to use the default QR code design, otherwise you can use the controls to adjust the QR style, foreground, corner, and/or background options to customize the shape and colors of the code before you save and download.
  8. Once you click 'Save and Download' you will have the option to download an image file for your QR code.  If you don't know which file type you need, choose a .png file.  You can always come back and grab a different file type if you need it.
  9. Test your QR code!  Scan it with your phone and make sure it takes you to the SalesMail video.
  10. Now it is time to print your QR code.  You can either print it on stickers to add to existing marketing materials, update your brochures/mailers/etc. to include the QR code on them, or use a print service to print a car decal.  For example, on a recent project we used to print a car decal using a QR code .jpg file from SalesMail.
  11. After you print/apply QR codes to your marketing materials or vehicle, you will be able to track the number of times your code is scanned by going go the 'QR Code' menu item in the SalesMail Desktop Portal and look at the 'Scans' column next to your QR code (example below).  You will also receive the normal push notifications for SalesMail views and comments, and be able to see the engagement (views, reactions, CTA clicks, comments, etc.) on your video in SalesMail!
  12. In the future if you need to update the video that your QR code points to, simply go back to the QR Pro feature in the SalesMail Desktop Portal and edit your code to point to a new video.  

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