The Secret To More Engagement On Your SalesMail Videos: Just Ask!

The Secret To More Engagement On Your SalesMail Videos: Just Ask!

There are several ways a recipient can engage with your SalesMail video, such as emoji reactions, comments, clicks on a custom Call To Action (CTA) button,  etc.  Did you know you can use SalesMail video engagement to identify hot leads, to schedule tours, to find out who is going to attend an event, to get recipients to share the video with family members or stakeholders, to identify the winner of a contest with your referral sources, to deliver a gift, and more?   The possibilities are endless!  Let's dig into how it works and give some real world examples.

Emoji reactions

Emoji reactions such as like, love, smile, laugh, and wow, are available for recipients to click on while they are viewing your video.  Some emoji reactions will come naturally, if you send a very heartful message or maybe a funny one.  But did you ever consider ASKING your viewer to hit one of the emoji reaction buttons on your video?  You can actually use these emojis for many different things.  For example, you might say "hit the love button if you are actively seeking a solution, or hit the wow button if you are no longer looking".  Those emoji reactions on those videos can help guide you in how to respond and proceed.  


A comment button is available beneath each video.  You are most likely to receive comments when your video truly resonates with or intrigues someone.  But you can also ASK for comments and guide viewers' engagement and action.  Here are a few example:
"Based on what I have shared with you, does it sound like I captured your most important needs?  Let me know by commenting below."  
"RSVP for our event in the comments"
"The first person to comment with the correct answer to this trivia question wins!"
"Share your ideas in the comments"

Get creative and don't be afraid to ASK for comments.

Call To Action (CTA) Button Clicks

SalesMail videos can include a custom CTA button that shows up directly beneath your video.  You choose the website it links to and the text that is displayed on the button. These are used for purposes such as sending someone to a Calendly account to book an appointment, to a form they need to fill out, to link to a relevant article or video, etc.   The first thing you will want to do to get viewers to click the button is to follow the best practices for CTA buttons found here:    The second thing you will want to do is ASK the viewer to click it (are you seeing a theme here yet?).  That's right, when recording your video you should ask people to click that call to action button beneath your video.  

While we have shared some great tricks to get more engagement on your videos, the most powerful way to get engagement is to send personalized (e.g. include the recipient's name in the animated preview), genuine videos that people can connect with.  Use a natural voice (e.g. don't sound like a newscaster), smile, have fun, make mistakes,  just be YOU!  
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